Do you love the water? Have you every wished that you could take long trips, cruising from point to point along the coast, while taking all the amenities of home with you? Well if you have then a houseboat is the perfect boat for you.  Houseboats are a great way to bring family and friends together.  They are designed to take living to the water, and offer spacious floor plans and all the modern amenities needed for living and entertaining.  Houseboats are made for relaxing cruises, weekend getaways, and family fun.  Houseboats are best suited for rivers, lakes and coastal waterways.  The are not meant to be takes far out to sea.  Houseboats are built in a wide selection of sizes and styles and can be customized to fit their owners personal needs, style and taste.




Where to Buy a Houseboat

Buying a houseboat is much like buying a house.  You should inspect every detail of the boat the way you would a home.  If you are interested in tracking down a houseboat online a great place to start is  They have a wide selection of boats for sale.  You can browse by model or state.  Expect to pay anywhere between $60,000 to a million dollars for one of these boats depending on the condition and amenities it offers.  Other websites to check out are,, and  All of these website offer a variety of houseboats for sale.  Before you decide to invest in a house boat I would highly recommend seeing it in person.  The internet can be a great tool for tracking down a houseboat, but be fore you pull the trigger be sure to give it a full inspection.



My Take
Owning a houseboat opens up the ultimate water experience.  You no longer have to worry about getting out of the water at the end of the day.  Instead you can just kick back, watch the sunset from your boat and then retire to bed.  Houseboats are great for weekend trips to boating destinations.  They allow you to take a large group of people out to explore the water, drop anchor just of shore and hop in the water to swim and fish for the rest of the day.  I think owning a houseboat would be very cool.  It offers endless possible activities all while providing the comforts of home.  I don’t see how any hardcore boating and water enthusiast could pass up the opportunity to own one of these awesome machines.